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Santorini Island
Creation of Palea and Nea Kameni PDF Print E-mail

Inside the caldera, are two islands, which are fusion of a number of volcanic cones thrown up from the bottom of caldera.  After the great cataclysm there was a period of quiescence lasting about 1300 years.  Then in 198 BC a volcanic island was thrown up and called Hierra.  In AD 46 another eryption, about 400 yds (370m) away, created another island, named Theia and in AD 60 a third eruption completely united the two islands.  In AD 726 a fourth eraption increases the size of the island created by the union of Hiera and Theia. In AD 1457 and 1508 further eruptions increased the size of this island, but there has been no further activity in this island, which reached its present shape at thei point.  It is now called Palea (Old) Kameni and its highestpoint is about 330 ft (110m) above sea level.  In AD 1573, about 65 years after Palea Kameni reached its present form, activity broke out some 2600 yds (2400m) North-East of the centre of Palea Kameni and a small oval island (500x300 m) came into being.  This was called Mikra (Small) Kameni.  In 1707 volcanic activity started again, this time some 217 yds (200m) West of Small Kameni.  Two volcanic cones appeared and were named Aspronisi and Macronesi.  These were united in the course of five years to form a third islet, between Old and Small Kameni, larger and higher than either, and named Nea (New) Kameni.



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    During the 7th Thessaloniki International Wine Competition (5-7 March 2007) in the framework of DETROP-OINOS exhibition, Santorini Wines received 13 awards.


    Among 683 samples from Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, France, Austria, Brasil, Mexico, and Canada wine experts have given:

    Grand Gold Award to
    Vinsanto 4 years aged,1999 vintage by Santowines


  • Magazine "Archaeometry", and BioEd Online articles are reporting that the roof paintings of a 2-level building in prehistoric Akrotiri site, have an extreem interest about the mathematical knowledge during the Bronze Age.