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Santorini Island
Akrotiri PDF Print E-mail

Akrotiri is located on the southwestern tip of the island.   It is built on the most remote part of the island.  The excavations in the area brought it light the settlement known as the City of Akrotiri.  As you are taking the road to Akrotiri, on your right, you will stay amazed from the fascinating view of the Caldera.  There are many hotels around the area and also many taverns.  There are two old churches in the village, Agia Triada and Ipapandi of Sotiros.  One of the fortified castles which after Santorini was occupied by the Turks, the strong Venetian castle was torn down, its  remains are easily discernible.  The picturesque atmosphere by the view towards Fira and Oia will rivet you. 

Population according to Census 2001:450


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    During the 7th Thessaloniki International Wine Competition (5-7 March 2007) in the framework of DETROP-OINOS exhibition, Santorini Wines received 13 awards.


    Among 683 samples from Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, France, Austria, Brasil, Mexico, and Canada wine experts have given:

    Grand Gold Award to
    Vinsanto 4 years aged,1999 vintage by Santowines


  • Magazine "Archaeometry", and BioEd Online articles are reporting that the roof paintings of a 2-level building in prehistoric Akrotiri site, have an extreem interest about the mathematical knowledge during the Bronze Age.