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Santorini Island
Megaro Gyzi - Cultural Centre PDF Print E-mail

The main purpose of the Cultural Centre is the spiritual development, the cultural improvement and the advancement, of Thira and its residents for the main part, but also of the whole Cycladic area in general.

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Within the dictates of this purpose, the Cutlural Centre - Gyzi Manor, as of its establishment and particularly during the tourist period, organises painting exhibitions, musical events, stage plays, photo exhibitions, film showings and other events. Among these events, particular mention should be made of the exhibitions, with Santorini as the subject, of well-known painters, such as: Paris Prekas, Christoforos Asimis, Panagiotis Gravalos, Meropi Prekas, Sofia Kalogeropoulou,, as well as musical evenings - concerts with international calibre artists such as: Tereza Kokkalaki, Jenny Zaharieva, Danina Maleva, Xiang Hiu Shook, S. Simeonov, Christoforos Stamboglis, Aggelina Tcacheva and many others.

Permanent Exhibitions:

  • Original Engravings of maps, landscapes and traditional costumes of the 16th to 19th century.
  • Old historical documents of the Catholic Diocese of Santorini of the period 1573 - 1819.
  • Paintings of know Greek and foreign painters about Santorini. 
  • Old Photographs of Santorini.


Permanent exhibitions are hosted in the halls of the Cultural Centre, in particular:

  • An exhibition of authentic etchings on the Cycladic islands from the 15th to the 19th century,
  • An exhibition of a typical series of past Theraic public and private documents, selected for display among the 3,500 documents of the Lay Files of the Catholic Diocese of Thir,a most of them in Greek, and fewer in Turkish, Latin and Italic, which constitute a rich found of information on public and private life in Santorini from late 16th to early 19th century,
  • A collection of photographs of scenic Santorini, by Vicentio Pintos, from 1930 to 1956,
  • A collection of paintings by Leon and Pipitsa Pintos,
  • A collection of paintings, with Santorini as the subject, donated by well-known Greek painters that have exhibited their work in the Cultural Centre,
  • A collection of Santorini strata, under development,

To these should also be added the hagiography workshop of Katerina Ioannidou, which now operates on a permanent basis. Mention should also be made of three notable publications of the Centre:

  • "Santorini, 15th - 19th Century" - A detailed list of etchings by Dimitris Tsipouras,
  • "A Testimonial of Santorini" - A list of Theraic documents edited by Agamemnon Tselikas,
  • "Travelling in the Cyclades" - Locations, apparel and maps of the Cycladic islands of centuries past.

Tel.: +30 22860 22244

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    During the 7th Thessaloniki International Wine Competition (5-7 March 2007) in the framework of DETROP-OINOS exhibition, Santorini Wines received 13 awards.


    Among 683 samples from Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, France, Austria, Brasil, Mexico, and Canada wine experts have given:

    Grand Gold Award to
    Vinsanto 4 years aged,1999 vintage by Santowines


  • Magazine "Archaeometry", and BioEd Online articles are reporting that the roof paintings of a 2-level building in prehistoric Akrotiri site, have an extreem interest about the mathematical knowledge during the Bronze Age.